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African Journal of Applied Statistics / Journal Africain de Statistiques Appliquées

Instructions to Authors

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Once you are decided to submit your paper here, please

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    Template Ajas

    Remark that the template is uniquely in Latex. If you are not acquainted with latex writing please ask help around you, particularly in Mathematics Departments.

    Your paper will ready for sending if the compilation on your computer is perfect, with any error. If you still have problems, you may contact the technical editor ( to help you.

  • After your paper is ready, your are free to send both the pdf and the Latex files to the editor in Chief (,, or to any member or corresponfing memebr of the Editorial Board, you can find at

    Editorial Board and Correspondants

    with copy the editor in chief. By sending your paper to a member of the Board, you accept that he be the presentator after he requires the appropriate report.