African Journal of Applied Statistics / Journal Africain de Statistiques Appliquées

Pourquoi faire des dons à SPAS/JAS/JASA?

The Foundation is running under volonteering positions. Since 2005, all SPAS programs, including the journals, are almost exclusively funded by the Founder Professor Gane Samb Lo. In particular, he takes on him :
  1. Hosting the websites and related expenses
  2. Designing the websites, the web applications, etc.
  3. Funding the first paper versions of Afrika Statistika
  4. Printing charges and office materials
  5. Exepnses generated by Doi's acquirement from CrossRef and the annual bill
Other founders of SPAS/JAS/AJAS, fully engaged in the activities are :
  1. Professor Neci Abdel hakim, Deputy Editor in Chief and his Team in Biskra University (ALGERIA)
  2. Brahim Brahim, Technical Editor in Chief, who produces all the papers
  3. Dr Vincent Agboto who offered major services in the last years
  4. Awa Thiongane, who greatly helped in launching SPAS and arranging invitation of the Founder in Addis-Abeba and allowed him to promote the Foundation there
We also acknowledge the support of these organizations
  1. University Gaston Berger and Applied Sciences and Technology Unit ! The founder used the normal supplies to University Academic staff to equip the Foundation (printing, papers, inks, envelopes, etc.)
  2. University Francophone Agency (AUF), through a Research Grant including publishing expenses
  3. French organization IRD/AIRE-SUDUniversity, through a Research Grant including publishing expenses
  4. Professeor Ali Souleylane Dabye, who offered a direct donation of one thousand dollars approximately
  5. the International Institue of Statistics (ISI) which worked with SPAS to enable participation of statisticians in ISI congresses and offered funds.
We invite all backers we may have omitted their support to write us so that we may mention them.

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