Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics
and related fields

Instructions to Authors

The journal Afrika Statistika is a journal that promotes a scientific culture in Probability Theory and Statistics, and related fields based on data modelling and analysis (Econometrics, Epidemiology, Public Health) around the world and particularly in Africa.

Applied data analysis papers should be sumbitted in African Journal of Applied Statistis (JASA), an other journal of the Society.

Beginning on January 1, 2017, the journal only accepts papers typed in template of the journal. It is recommended to authors to :
  • Produce their papers using the latest official template, that you may download here

    Journal Afrika Statistika (JAS)

    Remark that the template is uniquely in Latex. If you are not acquainted with latex writing please ask help around you, particularly in Mathematics Departments.

    Your paper will ready for sending if the compilation on uour computer is perfect, with zero errors.If you have problems, you may contact the technical editor ( to help you.

  • After your paper is ready, create a zip file from the folder containing your latex file and the external files such as pictures. Next, please go to the online submission link and submit the zip file. Finally, use that online submission system to track the review process,

    In case you encounter a permanent obstacle that prevents you from submitting your paper, you may ask help for the editor office at

    Special instructions to authors preparing a revised version for an accepted paper, for all journals of SPAS