Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics
and related fields

The Journal Afrika Statistika


A new area, that we hope to be a bright one, begins in 2021, for all our publications: journals (Afrika Statistika, African journal of Applied Statistics, Journal of mathematical facts and short papers), ebooks and paper books. All publications are under the roof of SPAS-EDS that works a publishing house.

In the transition year of 2021, we will try to reach a financial equilibrium for SPAS-EDS. Now, SPAS-EDS has a staff that ensures its smooth and regular functioning.

As a consequence, Article Processing Charges (APC) are now mandatory to support the sustainability of the publishing house.

However, the ACP are set to be be affordable to the African Scientifitic Community, especially to young people.

The most important steps of the new area is the new organization, the new bebsites and the availability of a devoted and this should result in the reaching the following objectives:

  1. A flexible and quick ssubmission process and tracking papers
  2. A fast reviewing process with
  3. A high quality reviewing process with insight of the reports
  4. A quick publication of paper in our websites and in Euclid
  5. The publication of paper versions of issues

For the international visibility, we remain a partner of Euclid, which recentlty migrated to one of the biggest contents websites. Through that platform, we are connected to all researcher centers and to all universties in the World.

By the end of 2026, SPAS-EDS shoild develop to a major publishing house, in Mathematics and related fields, at the worldwide stage.

The Journal Afrika Statistika is a journal that promotes a scientific culture in Probability Theory and Statistics, and related fields based on data modelling and analysis (Econometrics, Epidemiology, Public Health) around the World and particularly in Africa.

Applied data analysis papers should be sumbitted in African Journal of Applied Statistis (JASA), an other journal of the Society.
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Special volumes : The journal is willing to jointy work with the organizers of International Workshops and conferences in the fields of Statistic and Probability in Africa, in order to publish proceedings in special volumes of Afrika Statistika and African Journal of Applied Statistics. The Editors of the journal and the organizers will set a special editorial board to publish the electronic versions. If the organizers wish to have a paper version, they are required to take this on them.

Special Volumes already published

  1. Best papers selected, reviewed and accepted from : International Workshop on Multivariate Risks and Copulas (IWMRC 2010) held in Biskra (Algeria), 12 - 15 April, 2010. The Editors are Abdelhakim Necir (University Med. Khider, Biskra) and Hocine Fellag (University Mouloud Mammeri, Tizi-Ouzou).

  2. Best papers selected, reviewed and accepted from : Conference on Advanced Applied Statistics (CSAA 2014), Constantine, Algeria, 2014. Editors : Kehinde Dahud Shangodoyin (Botswana University, Botswana), Fouad Lazhar Rahmani (Constantine University, Algeria), Gane Samb Lo (Gaston Berger University, Senegal, and African University of Sciences and Technology, Abuja, Nigeria).

Foundation Statistics and Probability African Society : The journal is an official one of this society. African researchers in Statistics and Probability are invited to join this society.

Afrika Statistka is a peer-reviewed journal. All papers are reviewed par an associated editor and by an international reviewer who is expert in the field of the paper, holding at least a Ph.D. Our templates allow to generate pdf files for the submitted latex files with no mention of the authors and their affiliations. The reviewer receives a such a blinded pdf version. This participates in a greater transparency of the review process.

Politics and Ethics. We also endorse the guidelines published by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) , regarding (Allegations of misconduct, Authorship and contributorship, Complaints and appeals, Conflicts of interest, Data and reproducibility, Ethical oversight, Intellectual property, Peer review processes, Post-publication discussions and corrections)

(Last update : May 21, 2019).