The Statistics and Probability African Society

Objectives and Appraisal


The association of African Universities has about 309 members. Expecting that half of these institutions have a Department of Statistics or a Department of Mathematics including probabilists and statisticians, it is important to have a big population of researchers in Stochastic Methods and Data Sciences. By including experts of National Institutes of Statistics, the population of experts in statistical data and their modeling becomes important.

The means of self-organisation of such experts in societies remain a problem on the African continent.

By founding the SPAS, the founders had the following objectives.
  1. Organise this community in such a manner that it is internationally visible
  2. Create a frame of exchange among the experts, breaking the existing isolation of one from the other
  3. Participate to the development of massively and qualitatively associated disciplines on the continent
  4. Link the african community to the rest of the world
  5. Make the community play a major role in publications level, the organisation of conferences and participation in major conferences
  6. Give birth to high level generations in the targeted disciplines
  7. Allow the representation of Africa in the giving and receiving appointment with respect to the rest of the world
  8. Catch up with the delay of Africa


From 2005 to 2009, after 14 years, the SPAS has made important realisations with the little means it has available, as a society which members do not pay any membership fees.

The appraisal of the SPAS is marked with three important points:
  1. An african network composed with about 1600 university researchers and official statisticians has been created. This network is an important resource for sharing scientific information and for organising the internal exchanges.
  2. Solid collaborative relationships with important societies of Statistics, namely
    • the IMS (Institute of Mathematical Statistics),
    • the ISI International Statistical Institute),
    • the ASA (American Statistical Association) have published articles on the society.
  3. The society publishes the following journals and has lanched the publishing of eBooks, all these are part of the prestigious platform EUCLID
    • Afrika Statistika
    • African Journal of Applied Statistics
    • SPAS-EDS (Editors ebooks)
  4. SPAS has played an important role in the remarkable participation of african researchers in international conferences, among which two ISI conferences (Durban 2009 and Marrakech 2017).

The SPAS is at the crossing of roads. She must go through a validation phase. She counts on all to reinforce her means and activities.