The Statistics and Probability African Society

Like the International Statistical Institute (ISI, and the Institute of Mathematical Statistics (, the scientific activities are managed by an elected councel whereas the permanent administration relies on the membership fees.

In the African context, the members do not pay membership fees because of low income. Rather than the membership fees, the founders have to support all the cost. For this, the administration has functioned as a foundation.

Since a few years, the SPAS has been functioning on two plans:

It is managed by the SPAS FOUNDATION which mobilizes necessary fundings to the functioning of scientific and pedagogical activities. Such management takes into consideration the siege fees and fees for a minimum functioning staff which coordinate all that is needed for independent scientific committees.

The SPAS FOUNDATION is managed by the assembly of founding members. Are considered as founding members
  • (CAT1) Representatives of big donners
  • (CAT2) Scientists or actors who have volontarily contributed to the functioning of SPAS activities and for whom the contribution that should have corresponded to the financing of these activities should have been a consequent investment.
The first founding member is Professor Gane Samb Lo, who carried the SPAS by making function all the below cited committees. He has been helped by his regular and very engaged companions. These persons, besides those financing, form the kernel of the founding committee members in 2019.

New members are elected to the founding committee by the current committee during the election taking place in December every year.

An ongoing mutation. In order to discharge the SPAS from the administrative load, a separate foundation, named FAST - ABAC is on the process of creation. That foundation will be based in Calgary and will have under its cupola the SPAS, other african digital initiatives as well as other activities.

At the scale of scientific and pedagogical activities, the SPAS functions as a learned society, according to the evaluation system of pairs accross the independent commissions.

QUALITY OF MEMBERS The opportunity to be members is opened to all researchers in stochastic methods, including those with Master's degree as well as ingineers in stochastic methods.

SCIENTIFIC GOVERNANCE Scientific activities are managed by scientific committees, the members of which are chosen by the foundation accross the committees, and the decisions of which are executory. Following the spirit of the foundation, the committee members work in a volonteering framework.

  1. Publication of international scientific journals
  2. Publication of ebooks series
  3. Coordination of participations of african researchers to international conferences
  4. Organisation of conferences and workshops in Africa
  5. Edition of enews bulletins
  6. Management of an african database of researchers and users of stochastic methods
  7. African representations in big organisations

  1. Archiving and attribution of doi's to african theses in stochastic methods
  2. Scientific animation on the continent and setting of an inter-african seminar
  3. Portal of CVs of african researchers
  4. Inter-african working groups
  5. Mentoring system of theses

SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEES In accordance with the existing and the intended programs, the following committees are formed or will be formed.
  1. Nomination committee in different commissions
  2. Editorial committees of journals and ebooks series
  3. Internal animation committee
  4. Seminars, Workshops and African Conferences committee
  5. Committee for Relations with other societies
  6. Perspectives committee

The list of all members of the founding committee and all other committees can be found through the menu Board