The Statistics and Probability African Society




The SAPS is the new beginning of an old initiative called Society of African Statisticians and Probabilists in Universities (SASPU) which, launched in 1996, could not span out with the few means of communication of the era.

Historically, SPAS was launched in 2005 by an initiative of Professor Gane Samb Lo of Gaston Berger University. This has been welcomed throughout the continent. The internet served as a vector.

Since its establishment in 2005, the SPAS is running because of some the voluntary pioneers, dedicated to serving the development of the disciplines of Statistics and Probability in general and, in particular, to their firm standing in Africa.

Based on the internet, the initiative has been met with great enthusiasm within the community. To date, its database covers approximately 1,500 addresses email from Ph.D. students, university professors, researchers, statistical professionals, authors who have published in his journals.

To date, the SPAS is certainly the biggest Statistical organization in Africa, the most representative of the continent, despite of the tiny means at its disposal.

The SPAS has received a very significiant help from the universities of Gaston Berger (Saint-Louis, Senegal) and Mohammed Khir (Biskra, Algeria) , through Professors Abdelhakim Necir, Brah Brahimi and Brahimi Mezerdi.

Thirteen years after the launching, the results are tremendous as you will see when navigating the whole website. The SPAS is actually a pride for Africa.

In summary, the SPAS, operates as a foundation on the administrative side by funding members, who are elected by current funding members.

However, the academic programmes are managed by the members, scientists or universty professors, in independent committees.

The process of having a foundation, under the name of FAST ABACA, is ungoing. It will take the SPAS under its authority. The FAST ABACA will extend the activites of FAST ABACA to all scientific dsciplines and to all branches of Mathematics.

The FAST ABACA will be devoted to finding the funding ncessary to run the projects, while letting the members ans associated members running the academic projects.


The SPAS is also a scholarly association in the sense that for all scientific activities are managed by che committees that are set on a pure system of peer evaluation. The decisions of scientific committees, editorial committees, and similar committees are sovereign. The engagement in running the activities of the scociety is a mean for members to earn the quality funding membership.


The balance sheet of the SPAS is marked by three important points:

  • Setting up qn African network of around a thousand and six hundred academics and official statisticians. This network is an important resource for the sharing of scientific information and the organization of internal exchanges.
  • Strong collaborative relationships with major statistical companies have been established. Major associations such as IMS (Institute of Mathematical Statistics), ISI (International Statistical Institute), ASA (American Statistical Association) have published articles on the society.
  • The SPAS publishes the journals Afrika Statistika (AS), African Journal of Applied Statistics (AJAS) and Journal of Mathematical facts and short papers. Also, it has launched the SPAS-ED, which published ebooks. The papers or books published in AS, AJAS and in APAS-EDS are posted Euclid (, the most prestigious online platform of the disciplines concerning the SAPS outlets.