Publishing Books, Textbooks and Research Monographs
Mainly in Mathematics and Related Fields


The SPAS EDITIONS is a division of the Foundation of the Statistics and Probability African Society which is devoted books and monographs publications. It comes as the natural complement to our scientific journals, which publish short or medium size papers.

The following series are officially launched since January 2017.

  • SPAS Textbooks Series
    This series publishes textbooks on Mathematics in general and in Probabibility and Statistics in particular, to be used for teaching in the Universities at all levels. The textbooks may be courses or exercises books. It gives the opportunity to Senior African Scholars to write high level books and put them at the disposal of other colleagues in exchange programs. The students in the whole continent, and in the world as well, will particualrly benefit from the publications of this series.

  • SPAS Research Monograph Series
    This series publishes extended research that go far beyond the scope of a paper. We suggest to authors of papers of more than one hundred pages to transform it into a research monograph with a significant review part of the treated topic. An oustanding PhD these may be a good departure point for such monographs. Senior scholars are also invited to consider new projects.

  • SPAS Books Series
    This series publishes any kind of Mathematics book.
    Examples : Proceedings of conferences, books in honor of distinguished or deceased colleagues, review books, etc.