Publishing Books, Textbooks and Research Monographs
Mainly in Mathematics and Related Fields


Review process


  • Any book proposal should be sent one of the Editors. A proposal includes
    • A general abstract
    • A detailed plan
    • A presentation file in which the author(s) should explain how the book could interest potential readers and describes the relevance of the book comparatively to existing ones. The last point is more important if SAPS-EDS has already published a similar book.

  • He appreciates the proposal by checking
    • The level of the person or group of persons who made the proposal. Is he or are they qualified to accomplish the proposed work?
    • The relevance of the proposal. Is the SPAS-EDS?

  • He (the editor) makes a decision to go through by accepting or not. He shares his opinion with the members of the Editorial Board. The editors have two weeks to react. At the end of the delay of two weeks, the editor makes a final call and inform the General Editor.

  • In case the proposal is accepted,
    • The announcement is made in the website
    • The template is send to the writer(s)

  • Once the first draft is available,
    • The editor asks one or a group of members of the editorial Board to read the draft and make rigorous report with all the required and suggested revisions.
    • The writer(s) are asked to revise the papers.
    • The process (revision - review - back to the writer(s)) has to be repeated until the editor is convinced that the book may be published.

  • The final draft is send to all the advisors and to a selected group of scholars. A month after, the writer(s) is asked to send the final version.

  • The Editor-in-Chief, at the last step, might require additional contents and other possible changes

Additional requirements for the SPAS Research Monograph Series

  • Since the Series SRMS publishes, extended Research reportsr possibly including a significant review, the originality and the novelty of the proposal should be addressed.

  • The editor might request the opinion of an external expert in the topic of the monograph to ensure the novelty of the monograph.