Publishing Books, Textbooks and Research Monographs
Mainly in Mathematics and Related Fields


SPAS EDS allows to new writers and authors to demonstrate their talents and share their knowledge. Especially,

  • African Scholars will have the opportunity to put their experience into books.
  • African Researchers may set joint research groups and undertake high level research monographs and review books
  • Young teachers in Universities may invest in teaching books writings (courses and exercises) to be shared on a continental level.

SPAS EDS, through the most experienced scholars in Africa as well as experts outside the continent, will help

  • in guidance and encouragements to meet high level standards.
  • in sharing the books on an African level first, and next on a worldwide level

Electronics books are publihsed in the prestigious Euclid platform, giving to SAPS-EDS books the widest exposure internationally.

To achieve the objectives

  • ISBN's and DOI's are provided by ourselves.
  • Electronic versions are publihsed in Euclid ebooks platform
  • SPAS-EDS will try to insert th the books in the international databases will be effective
  • Papers books will be available from Amazon. The authors may order books from books and sell them himself.

Two kinds of agreements are negociated

  • Electronic book only. The authors pay the processing fees. SAPS-EDS totally produces the books and make it available in Euclid. The authors pay fees processing books once the project is accepted

  • Electronic and paper Book
    On top of the distribution of the book in Euclid with the same conditions, a paper book will be available from the SPAS-EDS platform in Amazon. Authors will have a percentage of the returns from Amazon.

    The authors can order from Amazon a large number of books from amazon at a reduded prize and organize the selling of the book locally.